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Pregnant Athlete 

First Trimester 

What's included 

- Initial Assessment in-person or virtual (60-70 minutes)

-6 Follow ups  (45-60 minutes each) 

-  Contact support when needed 

- Bulk cooking recipes 

- Do's and Don'ts with food consumption 

- Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose free options available 

- Food logs and activity comparison sheets

- Body analysis and gait assessment 

- One 60 minute massage 

Second Trimester 

Benefits of a Sports Nutritionist 

- Accountability with nutrition goals for return to play post pregnancy 

- Dedicated direct care to ensure your needs are met for nutrition and wellness 

- Endless support and advice for cravings, allergy concerns and overall wellness

- Ensuring you are consuming the right amount of nutrients and vitamins to maintain a stable and healthy pregnancy

Third Trimester 




*Best recommended to address any allergies, restrictions and/or limitations in food lifestyle choices" 


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